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Work from Home Redo

Since we are so busy dreaming of traveling the world why not surround our homes with memories and moods of adventures to come! Today’s mood board is all about that Work from Home situation, something we've all had to become accustomed to this year. 

Our own home-office situation has usually fallen last on the list of rooms that we work on, but like many of you, we’ve shown its design a little more love this year. After all, if you’re going to be working in a space why not make it more you!

Home Office Mood Board

While the rest of our home tends to be more on the muted side, we wanted to go a little louder with the prints and patterns in our home office, while still brining in warm, earthy colors. 

You already know we’ve had some good finds from @finalcutgeorgia and this room is the prime example of that. Our 8x10 “Cheetah Rug,” Evie Flush Mount Light Fixture, a brass front chest of drawers, and the Danehill Table are ALL from the Anthropologie outlet. The Danehill table is actually a dining table, but seeing as I am a bit of a messy worker, we knew I would need a larger-than-average desk. And the lines of this table worked so well as a desk alternative. The desk brings in natural, washed out wood tones with uneven lines while the Cheetah rug brings a little whimsy to the space with a warm golden yellow that ties in with the brass fixtures in the office. 

Cheetah Rug from Anthropologie

And we’re getting ready to add some Post House Design flair to the room. The “Serengeti” fabric, probably my FAVE new arrival, is going to be custom made into treatments, while the "Ritual" in Charcoal pattern will become the wallpaper on one of the walls. 

One of my top questions is about wallpaper and I promise y’all - I am working on it! I am exploring different options to bring y'all a high-quality wallcovering that is also affordable. 

Post House Fabrics

Thankfully, our home office came with floor-to-ceiling built in cabinets (perfect for hiding plenty of product.) When we moved in, we painted the cabinets in a high-gloss Benjamin Moore "Revere Pewter" paint. After sitting "knob-less" for a couple of years, we finally added some modern, black square cabinet pulls to all of the doors. What a difference they made! Plus, these pulls were a very affordable find from Amazon and we were so impressed with their quality. 

Our favorite part of the room though is the GALLERY WALL. It’s full of artwork that we have purchased from our travels and each piece conjures up so many memories. Our plan is to keep adding to the gallery wall and actually take it from the floor to the ceiling to make it the focal point of the room.  

With mementos of our travels and patterns of where and what we can't wait to explore, this home office space is definitely beginning to feel more like us. 

Home Office


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