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Art for Your Floors

Art for Your Floors

One of my most loved ways to add warmth and color to a space is through artwork - but artwork doesn't mean just for your walls. Turkish and Persian rugs are among some of the most popular hand-crafted artworks available in the world – each vintage piece full of stories that will add a new chapter to the story of your own home. We are obsessed with these wool rugs and in using them for rooms throughout the house for a pop of character. 

Vintage Rug in KitchenImage from Boho Style File

One day, as the things usually happen, an older gentleman was in the store and kept looking at the rugs. We began chatting and it turned out that he used to be a rug dealer who often traveled to Turkey to source rugs. And between us, he informed me that the rugs in the showroom were a little overpriced.

 It wasn’t until years later that I bought my first Turkish rug from an antique market and the (rug)bug bit me. I was brought back to the conversation I had with the rug dealer from years ago and knew that I wanted to start a side business selling vintage rugs. 

Vintage Rug in BedroomImage from Room for Tuesday

I had that entrepreneurial fever and just started going for it! I contacted dozens of sources that led me to trusted individuals to begin sourcing vintage rugs from Turkey. And with low overhead and being able to import directly from Turkey, I was so excited to be able to offer these one-of-a-kind rugs at affordable prices. Within a couple of months, I had ordered my first batch of rugs from Turkey, set up the Etsy store and began working on an Instagram account for the business - and it took off from there! In about a years time, I went from importing a couple dozen rugs to a couple hundred rugs at a time!

 It never gets old though - unwrapping each new delivery is like Christmas morning! Every rug is unique in its on way. Abstract motifs and colors of the rugs are rich and symbolic and are like an exotic language in Turkey. It’s fascinating to get in a rug that is five or six decades old and to wonder where all this carpet has been. Each blemish and imperfection adds to the character of these handicrafts.

At this point, I have sold rugs all over the country, made connections with fabulous designers and have even made new friends along the way just from importing vintage carpets. After loving importing rugs so much, I decided to rebrand the business to Post House, where I could begin offering other decor products for the home, but more on that story next time. 

Vintage Rug in Dining RoomImage from House of Six Interiors
If you are looking for a affordable, vintage Turkish rugs – then be sure to check out our collection of vintage rugs. We love seeking out treasures that stand the test of time for you as they have in their Turkish homeland and quickly become everyday heirlooms in your home. If you're on the hunt for a particular rug then we'd love to help you be on the lookout for your new vintage piece - just contact us for the details. 

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