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Candlelight Dinner with Shades of Pinck

Candlelit Dinner with Shades of Pinck

I love an intimate celebration so much. Being surrounded by close friends with a table of food and bottles of wine - the conversations are sure to flow. And this Fall, we’re showing you how some of our favorite hostesses throw mini soirees. 
Our Columbia local, Megan Pinckney of Shades of Pinck, shows us how to style a sophisticated and cheery dinner party. 
Megan Pinck of Shades of Pinck
Megan lighting our signature striped taper candles
With Autumn approaching but our minds still stuck on Summer vacation, Megan went with a color palette for that period of transition between Summer and Fall. The aesthetic of golden yellows and warm pinks are matching beautifully for an early Fall dinner party - and we are loving this vibe.
With a few tricks and little bit of decor, you can create a starlit dinner where your friends and family will be singing your praises.
We caught up with Megan to get her tips on throwing a simple, yet dreamy candlelit dinner. 

What are your tips for styling a table?

Start with the theme, what are you celebrating: a special occasion, a person, an entire season? It can be as general as “a summer evening”, let the occasion influence anything: color, texture, florals, etc. 
For this evening’s theme, Megan decked the table out in a custom-made tablecloth of our Grasslands fabric, an abstract pattern of hand-drawn marigold colored lines. The neutral linen napkins were tied with our pink and orange tassels, just the right table accessory for a pop of cheery color.
Autumnal entertaining doesn't just have to be about earthy browns and green and burnt oranges, Fall color can also include bright palettes in slightly deeper shades.
Custom Tablecloth and Tassels on Table
Megan selected our Grasslands fabric for a custom tablecloth along with our pink and orange tassels

How do you create “coziness” at a dinner table? 

Lighting candles adds so much ambiance anywhere, but especially at the dinner table!
Megan mixed in various tints of pink, from the tassels, to the hand-blown glasses and cake stand by Estelle Colored Glass and our Post House striped taper candlesticks. Whether a large dinner party or intimate gathering, we couldn’t more than candlelight is the key to create a cozy ambiance for a tablescape.
Lighting Striped Taper Candles
Our taper candles instantly create a cozy atmosphere
Megan tying a tassel onto a napkin
Tie a tassel onto your napkins for an instant lift to your table decor

What is your entertaining must?

I couldn’t imagine hosting anything without a signature cocktail/mocktail!

What is your favorite party “luxury?

If it’s a seated meal— a beautifully printed menu.
Megan Pinck throwing a dinner party

Any secrets to throwing a glamorous, stress-free dinner?

Plan ahead! If you can, completely set the table 24 hrs in advance. This will allow more time for any last minute hiccups that are bound to arise. 
From a small setting to a larger one, you can make something beautiful happen with showy tablecloth, some splashy decor and colorful candlelight. 
Follow Megan Pinckney on Instagram and on her Blog
Photography by Crush Rush
Megan Pinck sitting at dining table
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